Monday, September 3, 2012

What do homophobes really think?

Here at the NC liberal, we're all about supporting equal rights without regard for race, creed, color, or gender.  It's that last one that Republicans really hate.  So (very) many of them want desperately to separate gay rights from human rights, and not all for the same reasons.  While I'd like to give them the intellectual benefit of the doubt, it's just so hard not to think that conservatives really just want to return this country to the days when homosexuality was considered a sin and a mental illness.


But, we're not going back.  A recent CNN/ORC poll found that 56% of Americans believe in marriage equality.  The Democratic Party will make history this week when it adds marriage equality to its national platform.  President Obama is the first president in history to support gay marriage.  LGBT groups are organizing across America to wield their movement's political clout in the November election.  History is on our side, and the winds of cultural change are blowing our way.

The vocal minority still screams, though, its shrill voice telling us in panic that homosexuality is morally wrong, and that it causes all manner of societal evils.  When you hear seemingly otherwise rational people say negative things about gay marriage, what is going on in their heads?  The Slate story, cited above, takes a stab at that question.  Enjoy.

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