Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Natalie Portman lends her voice to Women for Obama

Women For Obama

It's not surprising to see celebrities participating in politics, and certainly no surprise to see movie stars supporting President Obama.  I post this story just to make one point, to paraphrase loosely from The Avengers

You have a Clint Eastwood?  We have a Natalie Portman.

Point made.  The other important thing about this story is that Ms. Portman took this opportunity to highlight the President's record on women's rights and place emphasis on the Ryan/Romney plan to take away those rights.  In her introduction, she said this:

"We really are facing a clear choice in this election.  We can keep moving forward with the President, or we can fall backwards with Mr. Romney.  Because we fought for change in 2008, President Obama was able to accomplish amazing, amazing things... We have affordable healthcare, we are resolving Iraq responsibly.. He is promoting women's rights and protecting women's rights." 

There is a somewhat shaky video of her speech here, direct from Natalie's web site.  And, for an overview of the President's accomplishments on women's rights, check out http://www.barackobama.com/women/issues.  Finally, Natalie wrote an article about her appearance in NV.  Read it all, my friends.

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