Sunday, October 21, 2012

Republicans declaring early victory?

Republicans say momentum is on Romney’s side in new polls

(Yes, folks, I'm blogging again - health has been pretty bad this election season, and I've not been feeling nearly as froggy for the general election as I was during the primary. Thank you for the many well-wishes, and I blog on.)

So, we're voting in a great many states (this one included), and the polls have the two presidential candidates in a dead heat, nationally. This story is about how the Republicans are declaring an early win, saying that momentum is on their side. As one Republican told me this weekend, "The Romney people feel they've locked up NC, so they pulled all their people out already."

Well, let them. Let them gloat, let them "pull all their people out," let them claim victory with weeks left to go. Meanwhile, keep making phone calls, keep encouraging Democrats to go vote, and keep encouraging your friends who may have written off their own votes as meaningless to get in the fight. On November 7, we will have proven the Tea Partied, right winged, deluded minority wrong - or we will have merely tried. But, do not let it be said that in these last days we simply left the election to them. Rather let it be said that they declared victory just a little too soon.