Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The whole-nation approach of the President's campaign

Obama's red-state outreach - Darren Samuelsohn -

Yes, I am biased (there's a photo of the President on the home page of this blog, y'know), but the above Politico story really makes me proud of the President.  By campaigning in states that so many say he doesn't have a hope of winning, he keeps his volunteers and donors in those states energized, even at the cost of precious campaign funds.  And that, to me, just seems so presidential.  Focus on the whole country.  Get as many votes as we can, period.  Be the one candidate able to honestly say he worked hard across the nation - the whole nation - to be the President, not of the blue states or the grey states or the red states but of the United States. 

Michelle Obama said as much tonight.  She spent some time talking about how the President doesn't get mired in all the political talk, and makes decisions to do the most good for the most people, without respect for political position.  You may doubt Mrs. Obama's words, but no one can doubt the tenacity of her husband, having accomplished so much in spite of a do-nothing Republican majority in the House and a consequently deadlocked Congress.  Far from being an empty chair, even the President's political enemies accuse him of doing too much.

Rahm Emanuel rightly said tonight that any one of the crises the President took on would, in each its own right, be presidency-defining.  If he had averted a depression, and nothing else; saved American jobs by saving the auto industry, and nothing else; gotten universal health care legislation passed, and nothing else; brought an end to the war in Iraq, and nothing else; then he could lay claim to deserving another term.  That he did all of those things is to me evidence that he is the better choice in 2012.

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