Monday, September 3, 2012

Mike Stone's voting record speaks for itself

Representative Michael Stone - Voting Records - Project Vote Smart

Representative Mike Stone (R) was elected to the General Assembly in 2010, with 50.6% of the vote, in an election where Democratic turnout was historically low.  It is very likely that Rep. Stone would still not have been elected, but an 11th-hour false attack mailer against Stone's opponent, sponsored by the NCGOP Executive Committee, a mailer for which the committee later apologized, tipped the scales at the last minute.  Stone's committee claimed not to know anything about the mailer.

Having been elected by the skin of his teeth, Rep. Stone went to Raleigh to rubber-stamp a Tea Party agenda which focused not on jobs and the economy but on one social issue after another.  Rep. Stone did take some time to consolidate his power, voting to redraw his district, cutting up Lee County into two districts, along partisan lines.  His vote helped to put Amendment 1, the overzealous anti-equality amendment, on the ballot last May.  When others were calling for restraint and oversight of a geologic process which is likely to poison the water supply where it is used, Rep. Stone voted to authorize fracking - twice.  In July of this year, unemployment in Lee County was over 12%.

This election, we have the chance to do things right.  Bill Tatum, former Lee County Board of Education Chairman, is running to defeat Rep. Stone in November.  His campaign platform focuses on the most important issues facing Lee County and NC, and his record of service shows his focus on education and economic development.  Check him out at  Tea Party conservatives are already making wild accusations about him, hoping something will stick.  But, Bill will win in November if those of us are weary of broken promises to work on the economy come out to support him. 

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